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2017 Canadians

The 2017 Canadian Little League Championship Tournament needs your help! This tournament is a marquee event for Medicine Hat Baseball. The organization and operation of this tournament is a large undertaking and we need some volunteers to make it a successful event. The following positions below in RED need to be filled.

If you are interested, please contact Candice Henson or Ron Getz


Candice – 1-403-548-4626
Ron – 1-403-529-9186

Transportation Director:

  • Coordinate all tournament transportation requirements
  • Coaches require one vehicle per team
  • Transportation from parking lots to diamond

Accommodations Director:
  • Arrange for and provide accommodation for all out of town tournament patrons, LLBC officials, parents and fans.
  • Arrange with MHC to house tournament teams.
  • Arrange for accommodation for out of town umpires if required.
  • Form sub-committees as deemed necessary to carry out duties and responsibilities.

Special Events Director:
  • Recruit and select sub-committee chairpersons for following activities:
  • Banquet
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Others

Concession Director:
  • Coordination of food services for duration of the tournament.
  • Advise Facilities Director of requirements.
  • Recruit, select and schedule concession workers.
  • Work with Marketing Director, Tournament Chairman and TD in acquiring product.

Facilities Director: Lovell McDonnell
Assistant Director:
  • Responsible for all field and facility requirements of the tournament.
  • Including field maintenance, upgrading and new construction.
  • Coordination of following activities:
  • Field improvement
  • Concession facilities
  • Washrooms
  • Scoreboard upgrades / maintenance
  • Officials booth / building
  • Specialty equipment
  • Media facilities and requirements

Fundraising Director:
  • Coordinate, recruit and select chairpersons for various fundraising activities and tournament related events.
  • Sponsorships
  • Donations
  • Special events / projects
  • Sponsorship and Donations Sub Committee
  • Development of a plan for tournament sponsorship
  • Contact, solicit and negotiate with various major firms and organizations to participate in some aspect of the tournament.
  • Work closely with Marketing Director, Tournament Chairperson and TD in coordinating sponsorship activities.
  • Fundraising sub-committee
  • Develop tournament and pre-tournament fundraising ideas and projects.
  • Silent auctions
  • Raffles
  • Casinos
  • Bingos
  • Special events

Marketing Director:
  • Overall promotion of the tournament through various means.
  • Work closely with local media and National Media Coordinator
  • Media Sub Committee
  • Coordinate photography requirements for the tournament
  • Coordinate media day / meeting
  • Coordinate post-game interviews
  • Arrange for display and sales area for tournament photographs.

Website Director:
  • Maintain District / tournament website with pertinent information and pictures.
  • Ensure sponsorship requirements are met on website specific agreements.
  • Work with Webcast Sub Committee for game broadcasts
  • Ensure Official score keepers in place for all games
  • Ensure Poinstreak is up and running for all games and is maintained / current.

Webcast Sub Committee

  • Work with Poinstreak and Marketing Director to ensure information is current and applicable for webcasts
  • Ensure game day broadcasts / volunteers are available.
  • Work with Bilingual director for Quebec games
  • Provide logistics and requirements to TC to ensure equipment is ready

Alumni Director:
  • Gather contact information for MHLL alumni
  • Organize special order for Alumni shirts
  • Work with alumni for special events

If you are interested, please contact Candice Henson or Ron Getz


Candice – 1-403-548-4626
Ron – 1-403-529-9186